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Guardall Vault Doors – Which one is best for you?

Guardall offers you amazing options of vault doors that have features which can challenge any other brand vault doors. You can fit these to both existing or newly designed strongrooms. However, to choose the one best suited for your purpose, you need to look at all the options. Broadly, there are 3 different grades of Guardall Vault Doors and all these three have their own unique features. Scroll down to have a look at these.

GUARDALL Grade I vault door

Tested in United Laboratories and carrying a rating of U.L.608 class I, this GUARDALL Grade I vault door with a dimension of 914 width x 1980 height X 90 thickness (mm) and the overall thickness of 230mm is a good option to protect your valuables from theft and burglary. In case of any type of attack on the door with the help of electrical or cutting torches, mechanical tools, etc. will not affect the door for at least 30 minutes or 1/2 hour.

GUARDALL Grade II vault door

This one has also been tested in United Laboratories tested and carries a certificate of rating U.L.608 class II. Therefore, any combination of mechanical tools, electric tools and cutting torches cannot harm it for at least 1 hour. The standard size for this door is 914W x 1980H X 127Thick (mm) and has the overall thickness of 267mm.

GUARDALL Grade III vault door

United Laboratories tested and accompanied by the rating U.L.608 class III, this door can withstand a burglary attack involving any type of electric and cutting torches, and mechanical tools for at least 2 hours. The standard size of the door is 914W x 1980H X 178 Thick (mm) with the overall thickness of 318mm.

What are the GUARDALL Vault Door Basic Features?

All the aforementioned three GUARDALL Vault Doors have the potential to safeguard your security rooms. Here some of the standard features of these doors have been discussed:

Strong Locking System

All these doors have a special internal release lock system that makes sure you face no problem of being locked inside the vault. Interestingly, the wheel present on the external side of the door energizes a full-length locking bar. This way it ensures that the full locking engagement takes place when locking.

Day Guard Lock

This is a feature which is a boon for strongrooms of commercial establishments like a bank as here you get an option to leave the Vault door open and work inside the vault without anyone entering.

Additional Security and Time Lock

There is additional security available too in the vault doors offered by Guardall. You can find micro switch built inside the doors that can keep an eye on the condition of the door locking and there is also a 3 movement U.L. time lock available in these doors.

Built-in Ventilator

You do not need to opt for expensive ventilation holes, which are found in most of the vaults, as the GUARDALL Vault Doors have a quality disaster ventilator that is manufactured into the door itself.


If you are looking for high-quality Vault Doors, then you must opt for Guardall Vault Doors. These are the best options for you as these doors are safe and secure. You can choose any one of the three vault doors mentioned above and all these will take care of your valuable items. Talk to us for advice to make sure you pick the one that meets your requirement.

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