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These days taking care of your precious belongings is not easy as the crooks have become very intelligent and know how to get away with your valuables effortlessly. This is true for all types of places, whether it is a commercial establishment, such as banks or a residence. This is one of the reasons why strong room doors are considered as one of the best options to ensure the increased security of the valuable materials.

One of the best places to look for these doors is Guardall, but before you get to learn more about the features and benefits of Guardall Strong room Door, you must try to understand what this type of doors are and what are its uses.

What are strong room doors?

Strongroom doors are a special type of security doors designed to keep your important and valuable materials secure. That is why it is made out of 12mm solid steel and has a complex locking system that ensures your belongings remain safe. Only a primary key and code holder can make way through it, as these are tamper proof doors with reinforced hinges. Further, to enhance its security from fire, it has fire-resistant material built in the door.

What are the uses of strong room doors?

Sometimes in commercial buildings or even in homes where highly valuable things are present there is a special room built to keep the valuables inside it safe and secure from prying eyes. In such restricted areas, strong room doors are used to ensure that no one enters it without permission. This is one of the reasons why these doors have pick-proof locks and strong door frames that can resist any type of tampering.

The advantages of these doors are so compelling that the demand for it has increased a lot. However, there are very few places where you can find strong and well-built strongroom doors. One such place is Guardall.

What are Guardall Strong room Doors?

Unlike common strongroom doors available in the market, Guardall Strong room Doors are not a general door. These are customised doors that have a 6mm hard steel frame to meet your requirements in the best way possible. These doors are known as KS Strong room Doors and have innumerable features, which makes it stand out from the crowd. These are:

Strong Dual locking System

The locking system is one of the most important things of any vault or a security door and most of the times the theft takes place due to the tampering of locks. Keeping this in mind, the KS Strong room Doors have been provided with two types of locking system – digital and key. This way it ensures that your valuables remain safe all the time. Even these doors have anti-tamper relocking devices, which offer double security to your prized possessions.

Powerful Reinforced Hinges

Apart from the locking system, you also need to ensure that the door which you are buying has reinforced hinges and proper bolt work. Interestingly, the security doors available at Guardall have a 12mm door with a bolt work of 32mm. The frame of the door is made of adjustable steel and is universally hinged – left or right.

Fire Resistant

In addition to the aforementioned features, you also need to seek that the door you are choosing is fire resistant. Furthermore, you also need to determine that the door has a proper dimension to meet your needs and weighs heavy. You will be amused to know that the strong room doors by Guardall have a suggested fire rating of 1 hour and weighs 340KG. Even the dimension is impressive with Clearing Door Opening of 1890×857 (mm) and Clear Masonry Opening of 1980×980(mm).


If you are looking for Strong room Doors, then Guardall is the best option for you. The Guardall Strong room Door is made of strong steel and has a special locking system that ensures your costly articles and treasures in a commercial building, such as bank remain safe and secure.

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