BF500 FireProof Safes

BF500 Office Security Safes Front View
BF500 Office Security Safes Front View


  • High quality USA manufactured La Gard digital lock
  • 12mm solid steel plate door
  • 32mm solid steel boltwork
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Fire resistant for 1 hour
  • High quality cream paint finish
  • Recommended insurable cash rating in an unsupported situation – $15000

EXT 470H X 480W X 450D
INT 400H X 410W X 300D

Weight: 120KG




Guardall is actually Australia’s very own superior wall safe producer. Our staff members design each of our solutions and have them manufactured according to the strictest of quality controls. Guardall offers a safe for every purpose; homes, businesses and organizations right through to banks; all to keep your posessions safe from theft and flames.Browse our site in order to see the particular safe which you believe fits your needs, and contact us right now for the Guardall remedy.
Call 1300 1 SAFES (1300172337) to get connected to your nearest Guardall Preferred Representative.

Getting a safe for ones home or business can be a good way to safeguard your valuables. There are many solutions offered but the best choice relies on what you need to protect, the threat as well as degree of security you’ll need.

In the event that theft is a concern, pick a product which is often moored firmly to your residence or office for the right protection. In the event that fire protection will be the priority consider the fire resistance rating. Regarding storage devices such as data cassettes as well as compact discs, choose a media safe with dry fill design which doesn’t generate h2o vapor.

Adding a safe in your home or perhaps business may have added benefits in cutting down insurance fees. Check with your own insurance broker to discover if the new safe or vault should make you elegible for rate reductions. Regardless of what device you end up picking, consider the options very carefully and make the most suitable choice to safeguard your valuables. Or even quicker, give us a call and we’ll help to steer your choice making process. The particular instance you will need that protection you will know that the time was spent well.

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