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Medical Safes

For many of us, medication is a vital part of our lives. Unfortunately, if medicine falls into the wrong hands it can also be very dangerous. Whether you’re looking to control access to medication in the home or within a professional environment, Guardall medical safes are designed to help.  Keep your medication under lock and key with one of our professional medical safes, preventing children or other vulnerable people from accessing medicine.

Whether it’s a few pill boxes you need to keep away from your children or if you need to keep expensive medical equipment under lock and key in a clinic or pharmacy, our products offer robust and secure solutions.

Dementia and medication

Dementia sufferers pose a particular risk when it comes to accessing medication in the home. If you need to keep your own medicine safe from a dementia sufferer you share your home with, or you need to limit access to their own medication, a medical safe is the perfect solution. Alternatively, care facilities that dispense medication to dementia sufferers must ensure access is strictly controlled – which our robust safes will ensure.

Benefits of medical safes

  • Control access to medication both at home or in a professional environment
  • Provide convenient storage for medication in one place
  • Extremely robust solutions for when security is paramount
  • Sized to house everything from pill boxes to expensive medical equipment
  • Protects dementia sufferers and children from accidental access

Guardall Medical Safes


The DSK1 Medical Safe

The DSK1 is the perfect safe for use at home or within a medical clinic. With adjustable shelving, it is ideal for usage with pill boxes or other medication that demands clear and efficient organisation. The safe offers a 10mm steel door to prevent forced entry and offers a pick-resistant lock to ensure access is only granted to key holders. In additional, an optional digital lock can be fitted to provide fast, secure access to the safe. The safe is compliant with the Australian Health Department so is suitable for usage in all states and territories. If you need a professional level safe for use at home or in your clinic, look no further.

The DSK2/300 Medical Safe

If you need to control access to medication for more than one person, the DSK2/300 may be the perfect choice. Containing more room and more shelving, this safe is the ideal option for use in a care facility or home that needs to house more than one patient’s medication requirements. Like the DSK1, this safe is made from robust steel and is fitted with anti-tamper measures to control access and keep medication under wraps.

The KS1 Pharmacy Safe

The KS1 Pharmacy Safe is the ideal at-home solution for protecting your medication. The safe is extremely robust, utilising solid plate steel and a heat-treated hard plate to protect the locking mechanism. The safe itself offers interior dimensions of 500H X 425W X 325D, making it ideal for home use. With a digital UL lock, you can strictly control access to the safe and ensure only you or trusted users can access medication. Tamper protection and fire proofing provide additional peace of mind and make this safe suitable for both home use and professional pharmacy purposes.

If you are looking for the perfect medical safes for your healthcare facility or personal use, Guardall Safes offers a range of choices. Contact Guardall Safes today!

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