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Floor Safes Buying Guides- Guardall Safes Australia

Whether it is your home or your business, you need a safe to ensure that your valuables remain safe. Perhaps that is why these days so many types of safes are available in the market, such as the fireproof home safe, document safe, money safe or cash safe, etc. Most of these safes are designed in such a way that it not only safeguards your money from theft but also from fire, water, and many more things. Another safe which has become quite popular nowadays is floor safes. Guardall safes unveil to you one of the best safe storage options and that is a floor safe.

Here some of the amazing floor safes provided by Guardall have been discussed, but before that it is important to throw some light on floor safes.

What is a floor safe?

With the changing times, new and innovative ways are getting rolled out to ensure that your precious belongings remain safe and secure from theft, fire and other problems. As the name suggests, floor safe is a safe embedded into the floor of your home or business. Strikingly, Guardall has two types of floor safes. The first category is meant for those who want a floor safe in their home and the other one is designed for business. You can have a look at some of these floor vaults.


If you are looking for a floor safe with an insurable cash rating of $20000 in an unmonitored situation, then B1800E is a good option for you. Whether it is your home or your commercial establishment, you can pick this from Guardall, as it has 55 Kg of weight and has a supreme quality digital UL lock in addition to a secondary relocking device. There is also a hard plate in order to protect lock area and has a door of 12mm size. As far as the dimension is concerned, this floor vault ahs an interior of 300 X 350 X 385D and an exterior of 320 X 370 X 520D. Furthermore, there is also a spring-loaded door for your convenience in opening the door. Apart from this, there is also a removable door to aid installation and help you with other service work. You do not need to bother about fire as this is a safe which has a flush fitting lid to aid concealment and offer your articles inside the safe protection from fire.


Having a dimension of 320 X 370 X 315D in the exterior and 300 X 350 X 180 D in the interior, B1500ETDR weighs 50 Kg and has a digital UL lock of high quality. There is also a secondary relocking device in addition to a 12mm door. This floor safe is also accompanied by a removable door, which can be of great help during the service work and the installation. Apart from a spring-loaded door, there is also a hard plate to protect lock area and flush fitting lid, which will ensure the vault remains concealed to the eyes of others and also protects it from the fire. The best thing about this safe is that it has a suggested insurable cash rating of $30000 in an unmonitored situation.


Carrying a 10mm door and Secondary relocking device, GS30EF is a good option of a floor safe from Guardall. Weighing 30Kg, it also carries a Securam UL certified digital lock which is of premium quality. Just like the above two options, this safe also is accompanied by a flush fitting lid, which will ensure it remains concealed and protected from fire. Interestingly, the safe also carries the insurable cash rating of $12000. As far as the dimensions are concerned, this floor safe measures 300 X 400 X 280D in the exterior and 240 X 330 X 165D in the interior.


There are many floor vaults available all across the globe, but floor safes by Guardall is special. It has all the features that you look into a secure and superior quality floor safe. Therefore, do not waste time and choose Guardall safes and you will never regret as it will take care of your cash and other important articles.

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