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Fireproof Safes for Home Australia

If you really want to protect your valuables, then you need to look for a fireproof home safe. This type of safe is specially designed not only to protect your important things safe from theft but also from household fires.

Unlike normal safes, fireproof safes have the potential to endure extraordinarily hot temperatures. Hence, when a fire breaks into your home, then it ensures your important belongings remain safe in the anti-theft fireproof safe, such as important documents, passport, computer backups, cash etc.

However, due to the abundance of fireproof home safes options online, it has become really difficult to select the one that suits you the best. Keeping this in mind here three best fireproof home safes by Guardall Safes have been discussed.

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What are Guardall Safes? Why is it known as Locksmith’s choice?

Guardall is an Australian based company that manufactures premium quality safes. The best thing about the safes offered by Guardall is that these have the capability to keep your valuables safe and secure in a real sense. This is a company that never compromises on the quality. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as a locksmith’s choice.

Whether you are a homeowner, an electrician or a locksmith, you can have a sound sleep when you keep your prized possessions in the safes made by Guardall. Here, three articles manufactured by Guardalls have been discussed. These fireproof home safes are unique and can make sure that your important things remain risk-free.


Let’s start with one of the most affordable fireproof home safe, which has a capacity of 19L and 31 Kg in weight. GDF 119EN is a home safe which is fireproof and has an exterior dimension of 352H x 412W x 363D, whereas the interior 260H x 320W x 234D. These safes have electronic lock and keypad, which is keyless and the external hinges of the safe are accompanied with internal anti-pry dead bar. Being fireproof, the door and body of the safe is filled with fire insulation and carries a 16 mm solid steel bolt-work, thereby keeping it safe from any kind of theft. Apart from this, this durable paint finished safe comes with adjustable shelves, pre-drilled anchoring holes, $5000 cash rating and is fire resistant for 60 minutes.


This is another fireproof home safe that comes with adjustable shelves. However, this safe has more capacity and weight – 35L and 83 Kg, respectively. The dimension of the safe is 450H x 380W x 360D in the exterior while 410H x 330W x 260D in the interior. In addition to the resistant key lock of 6-lever pick, this durable black paint finished safe comes with Commercial UL digital lock and keypad. Interestingly, these locks also have anti-tamper re-locking devices and hardened anti-drill plates. You will be impressed t know that the internal anti-pry deadbolts of the safe are accompanied with external hinges. The size of pre-drilled anchoring holes is also impressive – 2 x 13mm diameter and the bolt work is 32mm solid steel with 12mm solid steel door. The safe can resist fire for 30 minutes and has $25000 suggested cash rating.


This home safe also comes with adjustable shelves but has much more things to offer you. For instance, it has digital UL lock with a secondary re-locking device. This saves it from tampering and the one-hour fire resistance ensures it remains safe from fire. Its impressive black paint finished and 12mm solid steel plate door makes it appealing. With a dimension of EXT 334H X 444W X 355D and INT 260H X 350W X 210D, this safe can hold cash around $45,000. The weight of the safe is 100 Kg and the bolt work is 32mm solid steel.


When you buy a fireproof home safe from Guardall Safes, then it ensures that your valuables remain safe from all corners. Therefore, you must choose any of the aforementioned safes from Guardall and keep your valuables secure from theft and fire. Get in touch with Guardall and take a look at other high-quality safes.

Guardall is almost certainly Australia’s very own premium security safe manufacturer. Our staff members design and style each of our products and have them manufactured within the strictest of quality controls. Guardall has a safe for each purpose; residences, businesses through to banks; all to safe-keep your belongings from theft and fire. Look through our web-site so that you can choose the particular safe which you believe meets your own needs, and contact us now for the Guardall choice.
Phone 1300 1 SAFES (1300172337) for you to get patched through to your nearest Guardall Preferred Rep.

Choosing a safe for your home or office can be an effective way to safeguard your possessions. There are many products available but the most suitable choice depends on exactly what a person will need to safeguard, the threat as well as degree of safety you may need.

When robbery may be a worry, choose a product that may be anchored securely to your home or business premises for the best protection. If fire protection will be the top priority look at the flame resistance rating. With regard to media like data cassettes as well as cds, select a media safe having dry fill construction which does not generate h2o vapor.

Setting up a safe in your house or even business premises might have benefits in bringing down insurance costs. Consult your own insurance professional to find out if your brand-new safe or vault should qualify you to get rate reductions. Regardless of what product you ultimately choose, weigh your alternatives carefully and make the best choice to guard your possessions. Or possibly less difficult, contact us and we’ll help steer your decision making process. The particular time you will need that protection you’ll know it was time wisely spent.

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