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The Best Fireproof Document Safes in Australia

There are many documents that you need to protect more than your money, such as passports, some old photographs, important business papers, birth certificates, etc. Perhaps that is why you can find so many options of Document Safe online. However, there are a very few companies that manufacture high-quality document safes in Australia.

Guardall is one such company that unveils to you best Fireproof Document Safes in Australia. Drive through the write-up and you will find some amazing document safe options rolled out by Guardall for you.

Document Safes offered by Guardall for you

Guardall is an Australian based company that manufactures highly durable, fire, water, and theft proof safes. These safe are designed in an intelligent way so that it keeps all your valuables in the most secure manner. Here, some of the document safes options by Guardall are unfolded to you. Have a look at these safes and by the time you reach the conclusion, you will be looking for Guardall safes.

SCF1700 Document Safe

Guardall makes different types of safe, such as home-safe, cash safe, floor safe, etc. Document safe is one such safe that Guardall makes to ensure that your documents remain guarded. That is why there are different series of document safes produced by Guardall. The SCF1700 Document Safe belongs to the SCF series of document safes.

The specialty about these safes is that it is competent to safeguard your valuable documents not only from theft but also from fire. This means that this is a safe which protects your documents from fire for two hours. Comprising of three adjustable shelves, this document safe also has a digital keypad entry. In addition to locking bolt work of 25mm, this safe also has separate key locking drawers. Accompanied by 1 Master and 4 user codes, the safe has an exterior dimension of 1700H X 800W X 635D while the interior measures 1440H X 630W X 455D. The weight and the capacity of the safe are 470KG and 418.76L, respectively.

FRD(2)31 – 3 DRAWER Safe

This is another document safe which belongs to Guardall FRD range. The unique quality of this safe is that it keeps your documents safe not only from prying eyes but also from the threat of a fire, heat, and smoke. This is technically a filing cabinet by Guardall. It has a bottom data drawer and dual locking system. The best thing about the bottom drawer is that it can be converted in case it is not required by you.  With a weight of 321 Kg and an exterior dimension of 1230H X 550W X 820D, this safe seems to be perfect for those who want a drawer convertible document safe.

GDF 2000

This is another document safe belonging to Guardall FRD range. Designed in a smart way, GDF 2000 ensures your documents remain safe from fire, heat smoke, and theft. The dual locking system of the filing cabinets makes it special. If you are looking for not a very big document safe, then this is a good option. It has a weight and capacity of 145KG and 49L, respectively with a dimension of 722H X 528W X 675D in the exterior and 254H X 384W X 505D in the interior.


The aforementioned documents safes are some of the best fireproof document safes in Australia. When you get in touch with Guardall, you will know more about different types of high-quality document safes that are affordable in price and will make sure your documents remain safe from fire. Guardall is the destination of superior-quality safes in Australia. You can choose any document safe from here and you will not regret.

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