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When security is paramount, there’s no substitute for a digital safe. Offering a multitude of advantages when compared to standard safe technology, a digital safe provides heightened security with the benefit of faster access and better control over who can use a safe. In summary, these advantages include:

Heightened security: a digital safe generally prevents lockpicking as the physical lock is either hidden or not used. An alarm system can often be easily integrated with a digital lock.

Convenient access: lost keys become a thing of the past when you use digital safes. Just memorise your access code and you can enjoy easy access whenever you need it without hunting for keys. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about someone stealing the keys. You’re in charge of who you give the code to, so you can control who can use your safe. In an office environment, this can also improve on productivity by eliminating the need to hunt for keys when accessing vital documents.

Durability: a digital lock is subject to far less wear and tear than a physical lock, so your safe should last longer and remain functional throughout its service life.

Fast access: digital locks provide faster access as opposed to physical ones, removing the need to retrieve a key, insert it and turn the lock. Instead just input your code or fingerprint and you’re good to go.

One caveat is that the memory board of a safe must be stored on the inside to provide better security. A quality Guardall safe will ensure that this is the case, so source only quality digital safes if you want to keep your possessions as secure as possible.

Examples of Guardall Digital Safes

The Guardall HV2

While digital offers speed, security can be further enhanced with a digital safe that uses the sort of measures available from the Guardall HV2. In addition to its keypad, the safe has a 6 lever pick-resistant lock and anti-pry dead bolts to keep your contents locked safely away. The combination of physical and digital means you have double peace of mind.

The Guardall GSK5

If you have multiple keys for your business premises, then keeping them secure is paramount! Keep your keys in a tamper proof safe with the Guardall GSK5, which includes an anti-tamper relocking device on its mechanism. Only those trusted with codes will be able to access this safe, and protection is further assured with a hardened drill-plate around the lock that prevents forced entry.

The Guardall GDFH25CS#

The ideal example of a digital safe for almost any premises, the Guardall GDFH25CS uses a 4-6 digit code that is inputted into a keypad that includes a digital display to ensure easy, convenient access for safe owners. This model also illustrates another great reason to use digital safes, the ability to print an audit trail of 100 records to monitor access attempts and ensure only trusted users are interacting with the safe. This model also includes a master code that you can keep entirely to yourself should you need to recover access in an emergency.

Digital safes are far superior to physical ones thanks to their convenience, added security and access options. With Guardall digital safes, you can keep your valuables safe without the need to hunt down keys or ensure only trusted staff in your premises have access to safes. With digital safes, you simply have more control.

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