Commercial Safes

Guardall commercial safes are largely used to store sensitive data and documents. Designed and manufactured by us, our safes are the recommended choice for secure storage of paper documents, computer media, audio and video recordings, microfiche, photographic recordings and all other digital software used in corporations. If you are interested in our commercial safes, there are available stockists based in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin, as well as a number of regional centres.

Our data, cash and document safes are designed for use in commercial industries such as jewellers, financial corporations, antique dealers, coin dealers and hotels; these sectors need onsite safes because they control a lot of cash and confidential documents. We understand the need for secure safeguarding of all valuables and the impact these have on the economy of businesses, which is why our products were created to specifically protect your goods against tampering, burglary, fire and climate fluctuations.

When you decide to look for office safes for sale, many security firms and locksmiths suggest purchasing an office safe from a Guardall Premium dealer or distributor. Stockists are based in all major cities in Australia and their services include safe maintenance and ensuring clients are given the absolute premium Guardall experience.

The right document safe means you need to have the leading protection you deserve. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your sensitive data is securely locked away where no-one, aside from yourself, can access it as and when you need. No tampering, burglary or fire can remove or damage your files because our safes are made from the finest A-grade metal materials on the market.

Safes are manufactured with a range of locking mechanisms from manual to digital. Each safe is created for specific solutions such as document safety, gun safety, cash security and more. Created for large or small organisations, these products are designed to resist explosives, drills and cutting tools. They are insured and made to rebuff hard-hitting attacks.

Select floor or wall-mounted security safes from stockists in Sydney, Perth and other major cities. Our team will assess where you want to install the safe to ensure there is no risk of it being removed by a burglar. Speak to your closest safe dealer today to help you choose the right Guardall office safe or data safe. All the Guardall dealers and distributors are police cleared and will be able to deliver and install the Guardall safe of your choice.

Contact us today for information on our wide range of products and to find out why locksmiths and security professionals recommend Guardall safes.

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