10 Tips For Safe Firearm Storage

//10 Tips For Safe Firearm Storage

Many Australian’s today own a firearm, whether it is a shotgun, hand gun, rifle, pistol or assault rifle. Certainly, firearms should be handled carefully and stored properly. Although firearms are pretty sturdy items, they have to be stored appropriately to prevent accidental discharge, quality degrading and theft. Besides, all gun owners have to practice safe handling methods to avoid accidents.

Here is a look at 10 top tips for safe firearm storage.

1. Use Gun Racks or Gun Safes Instead Of Trigger & Barrel Locks
The minimum obligation for gun storage is using a barrel lock or a trigger lock to make sure that a fire arm cannot be accessed without the key for unlocking the device. However, it is important for gun owners to go beyond this requirement and store their guns in gun safes or racks, which are safer.

2. Store Firearms in a Cool and Dry Place
Storing your gun in an environment that is a cool and dry will protect it from rusting or any other damage. Moist and excessive heat will make your gun rusty, which damages its appearance. Moreover such an environment could affect the firearm to the extent that it does not function later.

3. Never Store Guns with Ammunition
You should separate ammunition from your firearms before storing them. You can then have the ammunition locked together with the firearm. For instance, you could lock the ammunition in a container and then put it in the gun safe.

4. Use a Fast-Release Lock Instead Of a Trigger Lock/Barrel for Home Safety
A lot of people either use the trigger locks/barrel or leave their firearm unlocked. However, these two options are dangerous. You should go for the quick-release firearm locks, which lets you access the gun fast when there is need to.

5. Teach Any Kids in the House about Safe Firearm Storage
Parents should teach their kids about gun safety. Let the kids know the potential dangers if a gun is mishandled or stored inappropriately. Luckily, you can keep your guns away from children by storing them safely.

6. Add Security Cameras near Gun Safes or Racks
If you have a collection of firearms, it is a good idea to position security cameras near the locations of the firearms. This will give you a peace of mind as you can see whoever goes near the safes.

7. Store Ammunition in Locked Containers or Ammo Crates
Do not leave ammunition just lying around. Storing it well prevents anyone from tampering with it. This also protects the ammunition from elements like moisture, and extreme heat or cold.

8. Check Up On the Firearms Every Now And Again
Sometimes, you will not necessarily use your gun regularly, so it is advisable to check on it every now and again. This way, you will notice if there is anything amiss with the guns or any potential disappearances.

9. Store All Guns Out Of the Open If You Have Them in the House
Keeping your firearms in the open might lead kids to attempt to handle them, which could result in tragic incidents. Keep your guns out of the open, especially if you have kids.

10. Use Common Sense
Finally, common sense is essential as far as safe firearm storage is concerned. You should use your brains to ensure that your firearm is safe. This way, you will avoid the potential dangers caused by carelessness.

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